Does CalFresh Get Deposited on Weekends?

CalFresh, California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), provides monthly food benefits to assist low-income households in purchasing nutritious food. One common question among beneficiaries is whether CalFresh benefits are deposited on weekends.

This article explores the schedule for CalFresh deposits and offers insights into when recipients can expect to receive their benefits.

CalFresh Deposit Schedule

CalFresh benefits are distributed electronically via an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which functions similarly to a debit card.

The benefits are automatically loaded onto the EBT card each month. The exact date when benefits are deposited depends on several factors, including the recipient’s case number and the county of residence.

Monthly Benefit Issuance

In general, CalFresh benefits are issued over the first ten days of each month. The specific day of issuance is determined by the last digit of the recipient’s case number. For example:

  • Case numbers ending in 1 may receive benefits on the 1st of the month.
  • Case numbers ending in 2 may receive benefits on the 2nd of the month.
  • This pattern continues through the 10th of the month.

Weekend and Holiday Deposits

One of the key concerns for many CalFresh recipients is whether their benefits will be deposited on weekends or holidays. Here’s what you need to know:

Deposits on Weekends [Saturday or Sunday]

Yes, CalFresh benefits can be deposited on weekends. The EBT system operates 24/7, and benefits are loaded onto the cards regardless of whether the scheduled deposit date falls on a weekday or a weekend.

This ensures that recipients have access to their benefits as scheduled, even if their designated deposit day is a Saturday or Sunday.

Deposits on Holidays

Similarly, CalFresh benefits are deposited on holidays. The EBT system is designed to ensure that benefits are available to recipients on their designated issuance day, regardless of whether that day is a public holiday.

This means that recipients can expect their benefits to be available even if their deposit date coincides with a holiday.


Calfresh benefits are deposited according to a predetermined schedule based on the recipient’s case number, and this schedule operates regardless of weekends or holidays.

Recipients can rest assured that their benefits will be available on the designated deposit date, even if it falls on a weekend.

By tracking your deposit date, planning ahead, and managing your benefits wisely, you can ensure continuous access to the nutritious food you need.

For more information or assistance, reach out to your local county welfare office or visit the official Calfresh website.

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