The SAR 7 (Semi-Annual Report) is a crucial document for individuals and families in California receiving assistance through various state benefits programs.

This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the SAR 7 process, ensuring recipients understand how to maintain their eligibility and continue receiving the support they need.

What is SAR 7?

The SAR 7 form is an eligibility status report required by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). It serves as a semi-annual check-in for beneficiaries of public assistance programs, such as CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps), to report any changes in their household income, composition, or other relevant circumstances that could affect their benefit levels.

Purpose of SAR 7

The primary purpose of the SAR 7 form is to update the state on any changes in a recipient’s situation that might influence their eligibility or the amount of benefits they receive.

It helps ensure that assistance is accurately tailored to the current needs of each household, minimizing both underpayments and overpayments of benefits.

How to Submit Your SAR 7

There are several ways to submit your SAR 7, each designed to accommodate different preferences and situations:

  • Online Submission: The most efficient method is through This option not only saves time but also allows for real-time tracking of submission status​​.
  • In-Person Submission: For those who prefer or require face-to-face assistance, county offices welcome in-person submissions. This method is particularly recommended if there have been significant changes or if benefits have been discontinued​.
  • Mail: Recipients can also complete and mail their SAR 7 forms to their county office. While this method is convenient, it’s essential to account for postal delivery times to ensure timely submission​.

Required Documentation

To ensure a complete SAR 7 submission, the following documents are typically required:

  • The completed SAR 7 form
  • Paystubs for the month prior to the SAR 7 report due date
  • Proof of address if you have moved
  • Last pay stub and a statement of unemployment if you’ve lost your job

The goal is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the household’s current financial situation to ensure benefits are adjusted accordingly.

Submission Deadlines and Frequency

The SAR 7 form is due by the sixth month of receiving CalFresh benefits, with counties generally sending out reminders by the fifth month. Failure to submit on time may lead to the temporary suspension of benefits.

It’s crucial to be proactive and ensure the SAR 7 is completed and submitted by the deadline to avoid any disruption in assistance​​.

Late Submission Policy

While late submissions are not ideal, there may be a brief grace period to submit the SAR 7 and avoid the closure of your CalFresh case.

If circumstances prevent on-time submission, contacting the county office immediately for guidance is essential​.

Key Points to Remember

  • An interview is not required for SAR 7 submission, but the report must be accompanied by verification of any changes.
  • If a recipient moves or will be outside of Yolo County when the SAR 7 is due, the online submission method is recommended. If the move is permanent, the recipient’s address must be updated with the county.
  • Should a recipient forget to submit their SAR 7, it’s possible to submit it up to the 7th month following the initial deadline before the case is closed and a reapplication is necessary.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What is a SAR 7 code?

The SAR 7 (Semi-Annual Report) is a form that CalFresh recipients must complete to report any changes in income, household composition, and/or expenses to ensure their benefit amounts are accurate. It’s a critical part of maintaining eligibility for CalFresh benefits​.

What is a SAR 7 status report?

A SAR 7 status report is a required document that most households receiving CalFresh benefits must submit every six months. This report helps the county adjust benefits based on any changes in the household’s situation over the last six months, ensuring recipients receive the correct amount of aid.

Can I do SAR 7 over the phone?

The materials provided don’t specifically mention the ability to complete a SAR 7 report over the phone. Generally, SAR 7 reports can be submitted online, in person, or by mail. For specific questions or alternative submission methods, it’s recommended to contact your local county office or the CalFresh helpline directly​.

What is the SAR 7 due date?

The SAR 7 form is typically due by the 6th month of receiving CalFresh benefits. Recipients should expect to receive this form from their county office by the 5th month and should ensure it’s submitted by the deadline to avoid disruptions in benefits.

How often is SAR 7 required?

The SAR 7 is required every six months for most households receiving CalFresh benefits. This semi-annual reporting helps keep the county updated on any changes in the recipient’s circumstances that may affect their benefit amount​.

Can I turn in my SAR 7 late?

Turning in your SAR 7 late may lead to a temporary pause or discontinuation of benefits. However, it’s mentioned that if the SAR 7 is not completed by the 7th month, your case will close, and you would need to reapply. It suggests there may be a slight grace period, but it’s crucial to submit it as soon as possible and contact your local county office for guidance if you foresee or encounter delays​.

What happens if I make a mistake on my SAR 7?

If you realize you’ve made a mistake on your SAR 7 after submission, it’s crucial to contact your county’s CalFresh office as soon as possible to correct the error. Providing accurate information is essential for receiving the correct benefit amount, and most errors can be rectified with quick communication to the appropriate department.

Can I submit SAR 7 without all the required documents?

Submitting the SAR 7 without all the required documents may result in the form being considered incomplete, which can delay the processing of your benefits or even lead to a temporary suspension.
It’s important to gather and submit all requested documentation with your SAR 7 to ensure a smooth review process. If you’re having trouble obtaining certain documents, contact your county office for advice on alternative acceptable documents.

Is there assistance available for completing the SAR 7?

Yes, many county offices offer assistance for completing the SAR 7, either through in-person help, phone support, or online resources. Some community organizations also provide help with understanding and filling out CalFresh paperwork. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local county office or a trusted community organization if you need help.


The SAR 7 report is a cornerstone of maintaining CalFresh benefits, ensuring that assistance matches the current needs of recipients.

By understanding the importance of this report, how to submit it, and what documentation is required, CalFresh recipients can navigate the process more confidently, ensuring uninterrupted support.

For additional information or specific questions, reaching out to your local county office or visiting is recommended.

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